Meet John

John Everett is widely known as a one of the top Realtors in the nation and unquestionably one of the very best Realtors in the Edina and Southwest market of the Twin Cities. John is anchored in the strongest traditions of real estate and intimately acquainted with the market he works.

A lifelong resident of Edina, and constantly supported by his wife Mary and their three children, John understands the important place a home serves in the lifes of individuals and families.

John knows not only what's available, but also what is about to become available as he offers an uncanny ability to match your expressed lifestyle with your home style. And on the other side of the transaction, he knows how to target the buyers that financially match your home.

Representing your best interests in every phase and bringing 100% attention to your transaction, John shares his enthusiasm, his humor and his professionalism with each client. It is this skillful combination that makes every step of the transaction become as satisfying as the final results.

To enjoy a discerning and insightful look at real estate, come explore your choices, options and opportunities with John Everett, a Realtor upholding the best traditions in real esrate